Relieve Dry Skin

10 Proven Tips to Help Relieve Dry Skin

Do you suffer from dry skin especially on your hands? I typically get dry skin during the winter time; however, if I spend a ton of time outdoors or at the swimming pool I notice that my skin starts drying out. Use these 10 proven tips to help relieve dry skin year round.

Turn Down the Heat

When you are taking a shower or bath, simply turn the water temperature down a few degrees. Chances are you won’t notice much difference but your skin will thank you later. Excessive heat causes your skin and hair to dry out. Also, don’t spend more than 10 or 15 minutes bathing.

Pat your Skin Dry

When you get out of the shower or bath, pat your skin dry. Drying your skin with a towel can cause excessive friction leaving your skin irritated. If you have dry patches of skin or eczema, make sure that you blot your skin dry.

Exfoliate Often

Do exfoliate your skin frequently. I like using a homemade sugar scrub to exfoliate my skin when it is dry. I found that getting rid of the dry skin helps the moisturizer absorb into my skin. See my recipe below to make your own sugar scrub which can help relieve dry skin including your hands and feet.

DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe That is Super Moisturizing to Skin

You will need the following ingredients to make your own sugar scrub recipe:

  • sugar (I use regular sugar)
  • essential oil (I like lemon because it helps with healing my skin and it smells refreshing)
  • food coloring (optional)
  • coconut oil
  • jar or plastic container with anĀ air-tight lid to store your sugar scrub in.

In a mixing bowl, add a cup of coconut oil and one cup of sugar. I generally add a bit more sugar to mine so that it is very coarse. Add several drops of food coloring and 10 to 20 drops of essential oil. Start with 10 at first and add more depending on the oil that you use. Then stir until it is evenly mixed. Scoop into your jar or plastic container. Use the sugar scrub a few times a week to help relieve your dry skin.

Use Unscented Products

Most of the products on the market contain chemicals or ingredients that can further dry out your skin. Stick to products that are gentle for your skin and is fragrance-free to avoid further skin irritation. You don’t have to use a ton of product in order to effectively clean your skin.

Use a Moisturizer Immediately After Bathing and Handwashing

Always use a good moisturizer immediately after bathing. For trouble spots, use a heavier cream based moisturizer such as Eucerin or Aquafier. Do carry a non-greasy moisturizing lotion with you at all times. Use the lotion on your hands after every time that you wash your hands.

Wear Sunscreen

Always wear sunscreen anytime that you spend time outdoors, even on cloudy days. Sunscreen will prevent you from getting a sunburn which can exacerbate skin problems. Choose a sunscreen that is SPF 15 or higher for maximum protection. Also, don’t forget to apply it frequently too especially if you are swimming or sweating. Don’t forget to grab protection for your lips too.

Use Palmolive Fusion Clean Dish Soap

Does washing dishes leave your hands dry and cracked? Try using Palmolive Fusion Clean dish soap. It helps removes foods that have been stuck on for 24 hours or longer. It uses the power of baking soda and lime to help remove those stubborn stuck-on foods from your dishes. Let the dish soap do a majority of the work so that you don’t have to have your hands in dishwater longer than you have too. Palmolive Fusion Clean dish soap is phosphate free and doesn’t contain bleach (which is known to dry out your hands). If you have super dry hands, don’t be afraid to wear gloves in order to get the dishes done.

Avoid Wearing Irritating Clothing

When purchasing clothes, find clothing that doesn’t irritate your skin especially if you are prone to dry skin year round. Irritating clothing can cause further irritation. Raw skin can easily get infected especailly if there are open wounds. You might even have to switch to a free and clear laundry detergent too.

Shower Immediately After Swimming

My oldest son has eczema and it is always worse during the summer time especially if he has spent some time in the swimming pool. Always shower immediately after you are finished swimming. Chlorine is super drying and it is important that you wash it off as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to bring your moisturizer in your pool bag so that you can moisturize your skin after you shower.

Use Cold Compresses

Like I already mentioned, my son has trouble with his eczema and it gets in the folds of his skin. During the summer time, the folds of the skin tend to sweat more and cause flares up. Once it is flared up, you need to treat eczema immediately to avoid infection and permanent damage to the skin. I often get him to put cold compresses on his arms or the back of his legs. This helps reduce the sweating and helps calm his skin down.

Don’t be afraid to seek the help from your doctor or a dermatologist if your skin doesn’t clean up easily with these simple tips. Severe dry skin or eczema may need a prescription in order to clear up your skin problem.

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